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Therapies & Rejuvenation of organs

The very varied therapies all have the imperative to consider the biological identity of each. The management of a long-term risk must first of all avoid any disturbance of the metabolism as a whole. It is the body itself that heals itself if we give it what it lacks to maintain good health or if we help it detoxify itself.

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With this in mind, we will call on : Phytotherapy / Homeopathy / Aromatherapy / Lithotherapy.

Biophysical therapy acts by detecting very early the abnormal frequencies emitted by cells in difficulty. It cancels the frequencies by transmissions in phase opposition (Biofeedback) in order to restore a normal frequency state which will allow a satisfactory function.

A detailed body map assesses organ by organ the potential risks that will be immediately taken care of.

The combination of several technologies makes it possible to have a precise idea of ​​the patient's condition and to offer a specific treatment, the results of which will then be evaluated.

In general, the precise assessment of biological age and immune terrain will be a fundamental working basis for monitoring progress.


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