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Full Predicative Evaluation


Patient interview

To inquire about the patient's requests,
his personal and family history as well as current treatments.

To present the
techniques used.

Energy levels

According to what has already been described to have an early assessment of the risks ahead.

Cellular metabolism

Determination of bio-logical age, cellular intoxication levels,
acido-basic balance.

State of each organ.

Organ by organ  

Biochemically (entrusted to an analysis laboratory).

On the biophysical level with research
of over-loads and deficiencies.

The analysis of the results obtained by each examination leads to a current
state play and
the risks to come. Therapy is then offered.

Evaluation of your energy levels - "Life is Energy" - This notion is fundamental

for the early detection of a pathology.


Five steps of the Predictive Evaluation

·  Energy capital, known as "ancestral energy" in traditional Chinese medicine.

This is one of the factors of longevity.

Corps & organes 2.jpg

·  Distribution of this energy organ by organ. An organ poorly supplied with energy

will gradually have a disturbed functioning.

    All serious pathology begins with energy disturbances.

·  Availability of energy in cells. One can have a high energy potential

that may not be able to without serving.

​·  Recycling of this energy.A person who does not renew their energy well

will age faster and feel tired.

·  The energy fields of the whole body reveal the connection between the functional state

    of the organs and the mental state of the individual.

Our work involves several biochemical analysis and technologies in biophysics
each providing an element of the answer.

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